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Just to clarify, this is what we do, and do not offer:

Unfortunately, License Saver no longer offers the following:

        - If you have failed the Virginia Learner's Permit 3x, you can retry as many times as needed,
once you complete this 8-hour course,refer to VA DMV Driver Training Schools (Three Exam Failures) by District

- Behind-the-wheel training, for teens or adults.

What we DO offer:  Virginia DMV licensed Driver Improvement course
(Traffic school, completely online.)
If you received a summons, and you plan on fighting your case, or are demanded to appear (usually due to reckless driving),
and have not gone to your hearing yet, signify VOLUNTARY when registering.  

NCT- If you have already been to Court, the Judge may ask you to take this course, but does not want you to "double-dip", in other words, they may reduce your penalty, but don't want you getting points off your license, too.  There are certain juristictions that may wish you to proceed in this manner even before your initial hearing.  If you have an attorney, they can offer you advice, depending on your circumstance.  

**  Licensed via Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Motor Vehicles.
**  Certificates issued, emailed directly to you the same day (in most cases!)
**  Take the course online anytime, anywhere!
**  Electronic upload notification to VA DMV.

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!!!  Fantastic News  !!!
The Virginia DMV is now permitting
YOU to take this driver improvement course ONLINE,
WITHOUT the former requirement of needing to take
a proctored final exam at a specified test location!

        Used to have to attend a testing center within the State of Virginia.  Not anymore!  
       Now, the entire course AND final test can be completed from anywhere on the globe!!

           - New age rule:  ANYBODY, any AGE, from teens to experienced drivers.  (Old rule was that you had to be 20 y.o..)

                     Unfortunately, CDL drivers cannot take this course online.  Virginia state law requires that you attend an in-person clinic.

            Read this article to decide if taking a traffic clinic course is worth your time.
                                                                                                         Tips on reducing or getting out of a traffic ticket.  A good read, click HERE.
                                                              Most of the info in this article is what I offer as suggestions to my students every class.
                          (The section on asking your insurance company for forgiveness? I don't really think that'll be too effective. The rest, good advice.)

Driver Improvement Clinic Online 
Was $75., now $68.00! (Online)
State cap in VA is $100.!

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If you are facing a reckless charge, I highly recommend that you read this article!

License Saver is no longer offering the "Driver's Manual" (3x failure) class,
or "Behind-the-Wheel".  If you are in need of these services, please call my good friends at
AAPEX Driving School, 757-486-4040.

*Escuela de Tráfico - Versión en español

(In-class is no longer being offered.
Online course is available to those that qualify.
Available in English and Spanish.)

*TRAFFIC SCHOOL - DUI / Other questions
 *TRAFFIC SCHOOL - CDL License Holders


Please review the following statements, required by Virginia DMV:

□ Statement: To benefit from the course, you must be able to work independently and be comfortable with using a computer.
                          □ Statement: The online driver improvement course and final test must be completed through a DMV-licensed online driver improvement clinic. No paper test permitted.
                                      □ Statement: The online driver improvement clinic course is an eight-hour course, including the final test, and is designed to rehabilitate problem drivers.
The course must be completed in its entirety prior to the issuance of a certificate of completion.
                                               □ Statement: Student identification will be verified through-out training and prior to taking the final test to ensure that the person taking the course
is the same person taking the final test.
                                                □ Statement: Customers directed by the Court must provide documentation from the court before safe driving points can be awarded.
□ Statement: The certificate of completion will be electronically transmitted to all individuals upon successful completion of the course within 24 hours.
□ Statement: DMV is committed to promoting transportation safety through the certification of quality driver training programs.
If you have any comments or concerns about this course, call our toll-free number: (1-877-885-5790).
                                                        □ Statement: The DMV standardized certificate, “Online Driver Improvement Clinic Certificate of Completion (DIC 552B)” is the only document that will
                  be accepted by the Department and the Courts as proof of completion of an online driver improvement clinic.
                                         □ As part of its validation and security log-on screen sequence, the online clinic provider shall display a facsimile of its DMV certificate to operate
an online driver improvement clinic in Virginia.
                                                   □ If the certificate is presented to DMV, it must be printed on 8½" x 11 plain white bonded paper. DMV will not accept certificates printed on color or
                                                special designed paper or paper with any form of advertisement on the front or back of the certificate. DMV will not accept any certificates that have been altered in any way.