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Driver Improvement Courses
(In-class is NOT being offered at this time.
Online course is available to those that qualify.)

Driver's Manual Class
Sorry, this class is no longer being offered by License Saver.

Behind-the-Wheel - Teens
(16 & 17 year-old)

Behind-the-Wheel - Adult
(18+ years, and those who failed the road test 3 times)

(For those teens who failed their DMV permit exam 3x,
or didn't take driver's ed. in school!)

****  A word to the wise  ****

Phone communication:
In the 6 years of operating a traffic school / driver improvement course, I have heard common complaints from people who call my school.  
A common thread is that if they have a question, and call or text the school, they never get an answer, or even a reply.  That is not fair to you, as a potential customer, and I believe that is not the proper way to conduct business.  When you call License Saver, I promise to return your call or text within roughly 1 to 2 hours during normal business hours (9:00 am - 9:00 pm).  The phone is the lifeline to my business.  Why WOULDN'T I respond?  So, I ask for your patience.  Before moving on to the next school's website or phone number, give License Saver the opportunity to earn your business.

Website "flash & glam":
While browsing competitor's websites, many are designed as a means to pull you, the customer, in.  Bouncing drop-downs, lights that flash to catch your attention, etc.  I've even noticed that many of these websites never openly list the business' or physical classroom address, nor are they forthcoming about their pricing.  I wouldn't like dealing with businesses that are suspect in these regards, and I'm sure most you don't like it, either.  As you will see, this website is designed to be as direct and straight forward as possible.  Nothing super fancy, but it offers the information that, I think, you can use to make a wise decision when choosing a behind-the-wheel, or driver improvement course.

 Please, don't be fooled by other schools advertising remarkably low fees for a driver improvement class.
Some request that their low fee is only valid if you pay  1 or 2 weeks in-advance of class.  I've seen online courses advertise "low, low cost" upfront, but don't disclose the add-on costs, or other inconveniences, until after you register.  I've been doing this long enough to have seen, and heard of these scenarios from other students.  Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Please, don't be fooled.  If you'd prefer honesty & reliability, with a school and instructor that will do what they promise, look no further.  
You've found it.

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If, for whatever reason, you cannot make your appointment for class (cancellation or rescheduling),
a phone call would be greatly appreciated in advance.  Thank you.

***  A word about lost certificates  ***

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